Decidedly mundane…


[Image]The movie evolves around the life of Yahya (Anjasmara), a regular salaryman at a company’s archival department, whose name his boss can’t even remember. One day, after a reported daytime robbery in the news, he found a briefcase at the side of the road. He brought it with him everywhere, ignoring all those around him who told him to open it, hoping to find cash in it (as the robbers reportedly lost the cash inside a briefcase). He noticed that after he brought the briefcase with him, people seem to have respect for him. They treated him like an important person. He took this as a test for his integrity.

His integrity took another test when his wife, Yasmin (Maya Hasan) fell terribly ill. He was then under the pressure from the hospital and her in-laws to find enough money to finance his wife’s treatment. He found refuge with a bartender, Noni (Djenar Maesa Ayu), the only person he knew that didn’t push him into opening the briefcase.

The heavy use of metaphores by director/writer Richard Oh (of QB Worldbooks Bookstore fame) makes me yawns all along the movie. The movie’s 133 minutes playlength didn’t help either. The basic line is: the movie sucks. I’m giving it 1 of 5.

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