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Canon IXUS 50

Canon IXUS 50I’ve been wanting to write a personal review of this digital camera of mine. I bought this baby about a year ago for Rp 3 millions, including a high-speed 256 MB SD Card.

This 5 Megapixels camera comes with user manuals, camera strap, battery charger, power cable for the charger, data cable, and a CD-ROM laden with software in its box. One thing I consider missing is a camera case. I can’t understand why Canon doesn’t include even a softcase in their package, considering that the camera has a scratch-prone surface.

Picture quality is good for the casual photographer (if you trust my low-end eyes). You can set the camera to take four different image quality. It can also capture AVI movies up to 30 fps. The movie quality is also good, I think. One setback, though. The IXUS 50 is prone to shaking. I think its aperture time is too slow.

The camera also has several picture settings. For instance, you can shoot in sephia or black-and-white mode. Another mode is the color filter, where you can capture only a particular color and make the rest black-and-white. Quite snazzy, although I don’t use it very often.

The included software is quite abundant. There are movie editing software, picture editing software, image library software, and camera set-up software. The one I’m fond of is the image-stitching software. With it, you can capture several overlapping pictures and the user the software to stich it so you can get a panoramic pictures.

To sum things up, here are my opinions about the camera’s pros and cons.


  • Intuitive interface. Easy even for the novice users.
  • The time taken to take pictures is quite quick, with good recyle and on-off time .
  • Picture quality is good.
  • It’s small and pocketable.Very easy to carry around
  • A set of picture modes.
  • Movie-mode quite good.
  • Complete set of software.


  • Flash not too bright. Oftentimes, you’ll get dark pictures in low-light conditions.
  • It’s metal body is easily scratched.
  • Direct-to-camera charger is optional. You’ll have to settle with the included charger with which you must take the battery out of the camera to charge it.
  • LCD is too bright. What you get is not what you get with this one. The real pictures are darker than the ones you see on the LCD.
  • No camera case!
  • Prone to shaking.

Overall, I’m satisfied with it. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.

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