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My Own G-30/S!

Back in 1965 the Indonesian Communist Party launched a coup d’état against the government. The plot ultimately failed, though not before claiming the lives of several prominent members of the army top brass and several thousand Indonesian people in what was said to be the worst massacre after the Khmer Rouge’s in Cambodia. The whole fiasco is named G-30/S for Gerakan 30 September, or 30th September Movement.

But not all G-30/S’es are doomed to fail. I beg to differ! At least mine didn’t. *grin*. Last night I had my own G-30/S. I finally told the girl I’m affectionate with about my feelings. After some talk, adjusting our perspectives, she finally answered yes. Woohoo! My heart’s back in business, people!

But I can’t say the same for the way I expressed me feelings. No improvement whatsoever after, what, about 3 iterations and 7 years life-cycle. Darn it. So crude, so stiff, so machine-like. Argh! I blame my built-in Javanese gene for this. Javanese people have a hard-time expressing their feelings, and it seems that I’m cursed with it too. Or is it my procedural-programming-adjusted brain? I had what I’ll say planned for days, but after the first few words, it all came just like a word-vomit. I just blurted it all out, going wildly out of control, like a bull on steroids…

Dhini AdyawardhaniAnyway, mission accomplished. A proof that means doesn’t always justify the end. *grin* So, Dhini Adyawardhani, if you can read this, I’m dead serious about this relationship. I really, really, really hope we can go through this to our intended common goal. Thanks for your affirmation last night. Luv ya! :)

8 Responses to “My Own G-30/S!”

  1. @ Sylvi:

    Thanks yak. :)

  2. selamat ya ga.
    jd ikut happy.

  3. […] Um, kmaren2 ngapain ya..Minggu lalu tuw kayaknya biasa aja..Paling yang significant itu yang event 30S itu..Hehehe..Selebihnya siy kayaknya so-so aja..Sabtu kmaren nonton ma Mas Ano (currently MY Mas Anow)..Doi jempud dikantor, setelah seharian CCF..Keciann..Bis itu ke PIM, buka puasa @ Pastamatrix (enyak enyak enyak)..Barengan ma temen Mas Anow (Leddy & her hun Wandi)..Bis itu, nonton Devil Wears Prada sampe jam 9..Abis itu pulang..Dan, saat pulang itulah terjadi “insident” Hahahaha..Seru deh..Gue aja sampe sekarang masih suka lucu klo inget yang kmaren itu..Hehehe..Bukan krn doi yang gmn2..Tapi krn gue nya juga ndableg dan gak nyambung gt klo “he asked me”..Hahaha..Dasar lemoddddd..Kelamaan gak di-ON seh ya..Hahaha..Gue kmaren itu, dengan inocent-nya masih planga plongo waktu doi “katakan” itu dan langsung nguumpet dibalik jaket!..Hahaha..Mo jadi apa gue?! Hahahaha..Tapi, balik lagi, intinya, TERJADILAH.. […]

  4. Arga,
    Hehehe I thought my ears was in trouble when I heard your D said “Mas”, but now I know my ears is still functioning very very well as it always been. On behalf of my family, I would like to say congratulation. It’s a blessing hearing your succesfull love journey, after all the “SUKSES” you’ve been saying to all the people. Glad you finally had your “SUKSES”. Hope your D will bring you a wonderful love path to go through TOGETHER as wonderful as the freindship path we shared with you. With Love, VanDanoeWirJo

  5. @ QFL:

    Whoa. The latter part of your comment is very profound, I must say. I feel that I’m getting married or something. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though. *wink-wink nudge-nudge*

  6. wah … ga nyangka Dhini-nya cantique kalii …

  7. […] During the course several other movie dates, my crush developed into affection. And after much contemplation, the G-30/S happened. The next thing I know, we’re already two months into this beautiful relationship (a personal best, I must say). And I’m all thankful for it. […]

  8. […] Ahhh. The story of my life. Thank God I’ve found my way back into love. […]

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