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It’s Going to be Very Different This Time Around

On April 17th this year my grandma from my mother’s side passed away in peace. I used to call her “Mbah Putri Surabaya” or “Grandma from Surabaya” as she lived there with my aunt’s family. Her life-long prayers had been granted. She always wanted a quiet demise, not being a problem to her children and family. And Allah granted her wish. She passed away peacefully on her bed on that quiet morning.

And I’ve known our lives would be different ever since. Especially during the holy month of Ramadan such as this. For the last 6 years, after my last grandparent from my father’s side passed away, we’ve always come to Surabaya to celebrate Idul Fitri with our relatives. And my favorite moment every year was the “sungkeman”. After doing our Idul Fitri prayer, we all gathered in my grandma’s house. There we all took turn to kneel in front of Mbah Putri, asking forgiveness from her. She then gave it and than wish all of us well in our lives. It’s a very touching moment. It never fails to cause tears to show from the corners of my eyes.

Now that our beloved Mbah Putri is gone, Idul Fitri will never ever be the same. Oh Allah Almighty, would you please forgive her for all of her mistakes, accepts all of her good deeds, and place her in the rightful place at Your side. We’re all going to miss you, Simbah!

(I’m shedding tears just writing this post…)

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