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There’s This Thing About Fasting

I think it’s a common misconception among moslems (well, at least Indonesian moslems) that during the month of Ramadan, we’re not allowed to get angry. I’ll agree up to that we are not allowed to get too emotional about anything, that we must get our emotions in check. But no anger for a whole month? Come on, people!

Anger is actually a good social control. After all preventive & persuasive methods have failed, what do we have next? Repeat after me: anger. But remember, anger is only good if you unleash it sparely. You do remember that people call names for people who get angry very often.

So, in summary, I think all we have to do is refine our scale of “too emotional”. Let’s not rush in and go generalizing that anger is a bad thing for the holy month of Ramadan.

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  1. Amiiin…

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