Decidedly mundane…

I Got Google On My Mind

Picture this situation: it’s 15 minutes into the office hour, you haven’t started your beloved web browser yet, and someone from your office’s cubicle farm just shouted, “the Internet connection is down!” In scramble mode, you fire up your browser and think of a web address to test the supposedly severed connection. What address do you type in such a situation?

For me, for the past 3 years the answer has been the ever-knowing Google. Though I admit that since I’ve known the Internet (i.e. the Web) up to 3 years back, it used to be Yahoo. Added bonus factoid: If I want to test the invincibility of The Company’s web-filtering technology, I use Playboy‘s address. (Hey, don’t judge me that way. I come to Playboy for the articles! ;))

So? What’s your top-of-your-mind URL?

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