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“Sih” Is Not Even An English Word!

I’m one of the administrator for an IBM eSeries server at The Office. Recently the RAID 5 array suffered a defunction of one of its three physical disk. Apparently the RAID manager software has been warning us for several times, but since the server never got re-started until recently, nobody was noticing it.

Anyway, I called the support center of the vendor, got excellent response in which the support rep promised to forward my server’s woes to IBM Singapore. Before I hung up, she asked for my mobile number just in case IBM needs more technical information. A few minutes later my mobile rang but the caller ID was displayed as “Unknown” Due to my long standing policy of not picking up calls with hidden caller IDs (I deem them impolite), I let the call rang away. After that came another call, this time my mobile displayed the source of the call as “+6221000000007”. What the…? I asked my cubicle-neighbour, Icha, about it and she said that it was probably that the call originated from foreign country.

I picked the call up and guess what, a singlish speaker was at the other end of the line. It was an IBM technician from Singapore. Caught off guard, I word-vomitted several jibberish greetings in english. I was never a good english speaker, so I was stumbling along the conversation. My messy english went up to the point where the IBM technician asked me if my system had a RAID 1 or 5. To which I replied “I kinda forget, sih.” “SIH?” Oh my God! What the hell was that?!?!?! Aarrghh!!! To my disdain, I just realised that my fellow co-workers was listening to the conversation, and guess what, they all broke in a laughter.

Note to self: “sih” is definitely not an english word. It’s a word demoted to english language’s lower caste with the likes of singlish’s “lah“.

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