Decidedly mundane…

The (Almost) Criminal Victim

Yesterday, The Office held a “buka bersama”, a dinner event in which we break our Ramadan fast together. The event was a success, considering the number of people showed up, including The Company’s Director of Operations and Compliance Director (both former Chiefs of Internal Audit). It lasted until around 18:45 where most of the people had already returned home, including me.

Busway BridgeI didn’t drive my car that day, so I walked across Sudirman to ride a bus home. To do this I have to take the overhead pedestrian bridge. While I was on the bridge, I came across a guy and in my head I said, “Hey, I have the same shirt with this guy!” I trod along and found myself on the descending part of the bridge (it was a busway bridge) where I was held back by a woman with snail-paced walk. When I tried to pass her, I felt that my backpack was slightly pulled back. I looked back and to my surprise there was that guy I told you about earlier with his hand holding my backpack’s zipper. Gasp! I kept on walking while looking back at him. At first he didn’t realise that I was looking at him, but then he caught my eyes and looked a bit surprised. He then turned back and bolted away.

To be frank, not much was at risk. I didn’t bring anything valuable last night. The zipper he pursued opens an outer flap of the backpack which stores my writing utensils, namecard, mobile phone charger, etc. Not much of a treasure, huh? But Alhamdulillah nonetheless that I failed to be another victim of Jakarta’s crime.

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