Decidedly mundane…

All In A Day’s Work: Google Maps

This day is such a slow day. With the boss gone for an out-of-town event and the exit conference rounds over, my colleagues and I found better things to do: Google Maps.

Here’s what I’ve come up so far:

  • My Home: If your screen’s resolution is set to 1,024×768, it’s the double-roofed house near Google Map’s right pointing cursor on the top-most left-hand corner.
  • The Office: It’s the boxy building on the top left-hand corner of the map. The one on its right is The Company’s headquarter.

Not much, I admit. But I got an SMS from the boss asking me to prepare a letter for him to sign on Monday. *sigh* So much for my Mercatorian adventure.

One Response to “All In A Day’s Work: Google Maps”

  1. Ha! Who needs map when you have Google maps! Go Google!

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