Decidedly mundane…


It’s another of Adam Sandler’s movie. You know, the usual not-so-funny comedies about a regular guy. On this one, the regular guy takes a more family-oriented road.

Sandler’s character is now an architect and a father of two who tries hard to balance his career and family life. On one desperate attempt to find a universal remote to gain control upon the banal part of his life (i.e. TV, garage door) , he went to Bath, Bed, & Beyond (tell me, isn’t it a real U.S. store chain?) and finds a nerdy scientist (played by Christoper Walken). The scientist then gave him the ultimate remote that can control his live as if it were his TiVo.

The usual (and somewhat predictable) comedies of hey-I-found-a-magical-new-toy ensues. Sandler found out that he has fast-forwarded through his life but somehow managed to a get a remorse. Much predictable, but albeit the hit-and-miss, I think it’s still quite an entertaining (family) movie. And better than earlier Sandler movies, too.

I’m giving this one flick a 3 out of 5.

Just for the record:

  • Theatre: Pondok Indah
  • Studio: 6
  • Date: 15/10/2006

Psst, you can read what the pro reviewers said about the movie here.

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