Decidedly mundane…

Just Thankful

… And since then, I never forget [to] say it (iluvu) everytime I meet (or “meet” (through IM/SMS.red)) you (or people who deserve that word..(family.red))..I realize that I would never know whether I can have another [chance] to say it again or not..Besides, for me, this is how I appreciate you (or them)..And now, for you, my hun, ILUVU..Thanks for having me in your life :)

Excerpted from an e-mail from my significant other.

3 Responses to “Just Thankful”

  1. aduh..aku ga suka pria baik2, kurang buaya.. hehe…


  2. @ doni:

    Alhamdulillahirobbil aalamin kalo kamu nggak suka. *fyuh*

  3. hehe… i’m a good actor…:)

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