Decidedly mundane…

Such A Slow Day

This is the last business day before a week of absence: two days of national holiday and three days of mandatory paid leave (aside from the mundane Saturday & Sunday, off course). But to call this day a “business” day is rather an overstatement. Today found me and my colleagues’ workpace grinds to a near halt. Some of us got tied up into gaming (some cartoonish fighting game, Bejeweled, and Transport Tycoon, to name some), some of us got serious about reading our newspapers, and some of us already took some of our paid leaves today.

And where am I, you may ask? Well, I’m still trying to do some work, but the enthusiasm just isn’t there. To fight off the urge to sleep, I sprinkle the day with some browsing here and there. It doesn’t help much, though.

Apparently, this happens not only at The Office.

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