Decidedly mundane…

A Great Time to be In Office

It’s been two days since the Idul Fitri celebrations (or H+3,us Indonesians like to say). After a day of practically do-nothing day, I decided to go to The Office. And all for nothing but the free Internet connection and the comfort of air-conditioned space.

On regular business day, The Company’s 2×512 Kbps connection chokes full with some 2,200 work-loving employee’s web traffic. The result: intermittent burst of web surfing experience, often ends up in frustrated, angered, and disgruntled employees. But not today, folks! Today I’m in web-surfing heaven! I’m now downloading Windows Updates at the rate of 2 KB/sec (perhaps not much by any other bandwidth-respecting country’s standards, but hey, this is Indonesia for crying out loud…). By Monday, this download-nirvana will grind slowly to about 0.2 KB/sec.

And talking about air-conditioned space, Indonesia is in a middle of a drought, if you may say so. It’s the last week of October and I haven’t felt a drop of rain in months in Jakarta! I remember my elementary school teacher used to say, “It’s easy to remember when the rainy season occurs: it’s during the months that ends with ‘ber’!” Oh well, I guess she’s now having difficulty helping her students remember the rainy season now. So, in an effort to escape the upper part of twenty-something degrees Celcius temperature at home, it’s great to be in office today!

Oh, and the fact that my beloved Miss D is in Bandung for three days (yes, three torturing days) since yesterday, I’ve got nothing else to do. *sigh*

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