Decidedly mundane…

My del.icio.us Bookmarks

In the spirit of this festive week, let me introduce you, avid readers of my blog, to my del.icio.us bookmarks. It’s a set of carefully collected weblinks (and not to mention some bookmarklets) that I consider useful.

Not much there, though. You see, I have all my links spread across my office desktop, my office laptop, and my home desktop. I also use several web-browsers: IE (the old imperialism habit), Opera (a venture into the free world), and lately Firefox (the almighty). As I have discovered, the effort of slapping them together, exporting from each browser and from each computer, and then to upload them one by one to del.icio.us is quite a tedious and time-consuming task. And the fact that my office dekstop has refused to come out of its slumber is really not much of a help.

So, please bear with me with this small collection of links and behold as it may grow one small link at a time.

Psst, for those of you unfamiliar with del.icio.us, (just like myself about, what, 4 weeks ago) you can always learn here.

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