Decidedly mundane…

It’s Raining, Man!

Tonight, at around 19:00 it rained at my home in West Jakarta! Not much of a downpour though, but it still is a long awaited rain. I was doing the dishes when I heard the sound of raindrops hitting the roof of my home. I bolted outside and just sat there for minutes on my porch with a smile on my face and a slight astonishment: it really is raining! I felt some of the raindrops hit my face and the unique smell of the rain when it hits the earth (the Javanese word for the odor is ‘ampoh’). It’s just exquisite.

You’ll have to forgive my excitement. You see, I haven’t seen a drop since about three months ago. The weather hasn’t been friendly since. The days swelter and the nights haven’t been too kind either. During the workdays, my days are not so torturous, thanks to the air-conditioned workspace back at The Office. But during the weekend days and all the other nights, I practically bathe in my own pool of sweat. I haven’t got the guts to turn on my room’s air conditioner on (I’m pointing my fingers to the astronomical electricity bills of my home these last two months) and my electric fans is not exactly blowing a cozy easy breeze as printed on its box.

Just about two days earlier, I was doing my night prayers and among my many wishes, I hoped that it would rain soon. The fact that it rains tonight put a strange tinge on my stomach: Allah Almighty answers my prayer. I just feel so blessed. I have been given so much lately. I went through Ramadan’s fasting successfully, my family’s is whole again temporarily these two weeks (my sister’s is studying in Surabaya), I got my beloved Miss D at my side, my work is A-OK, and many more. Thank you so much, ya Allah. I’m so thankful and grateful. With Your consent, I want to feel this way a little while longer. Alhamdulillah!

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