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GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka Vol. 1

[Image]This anime was produced in 2001. I saw it first on Animax, liked it, but never quite got the time to watch the show regularly. That’s why when I saw that my favorite DVD peddler near The Office has the Season 1 DVD Set, I quickly grabbed it.

The story is about Onizuka, an ex-member of a motorcycle gang who turned over his coat to be a junior high school teacher (well, actually he hoped to be a high school teacher, so that he can court the girls there). But he soon learned that being a teacher is almost as dangerous as being a gangmember. So there he is, applying his rather harsh method of teaching, picked up from his troubled past.

The storyline is great. And it is infused with just the right dose of comedy. All combined perfectly so at the end of 24-or-so-minutes each episodes you got some strange tinge on your stomach that under all Onizuka’s harshness, oftentimes his principles are right.

I’m giving this one a 4 out of 5 for it’s great storyline but rather crude drawings.

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