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Virtual Action Figures Play Gets Its Own Award

When I heard about machinima a few years back, I got that a-ha moment. I really didn’t think that multi-player games can be used for such an endeavour. For me, I was satisfied with the lowly screen/video capture feature which I can use to brag about my fragcounts in CounterStrike or to immortalize my Hollywood-quality wipeouts in Driver (Yeah, I know, those are like age-old games. I’m just not into gaming lately.).

[Image]If the term is not in your dictionary just yet, machinima is video products (news, sitcoms, you name it) created with multi-player game engines and resources (Quake, Halo, and such). Think of it as your typical action-figures play infused with 3D engines power. As a matter of fact, there are tons of machinimas out there. Some are already released on DVDs, proving that this genre is can indeed be profitable. How about copyrights, you may ask? Well, game producers are generally supportive of the machinima masses. They even find this as a way to publicize their games.

After the introduction of the Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences (analoguous to AMPAS) and the annual Machinima Festival, the Mackie Awards (think of it as the Oscars of machinima world) is now officially held virtually. I think it’s more appropriate, don’t you think so? Holding an award for the virtual world in flesh-and-bone is such an irony.

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