Decidedly mundane…

Friday Heat

This entry should be more appropriately filed under “Unusual Day at the Office”. Do you remember how I dislike Fridays for its shortness? Well, this Friday got worse. Today, being Veterans Day, The Company held an “upacara bendera” (Hey, don’t protest. I don’t know how to translate that into English. I’m open to suggestions.). For those of you non-Indonesians (as if… *grin*), an upacara bendera is an occasion where all of us gather on a field in rows and pay our respect to the national flag.

Anyway, we are asked to gather on 7.45am. Unfortunately, the sun was not shy this morning. In fact, the sky was free of any clouds. So there we were, standing together, practically drenched in our own sweat for 45 minutes. We saluted the national flag, sang the national anthem, and had our moment of silence in an effort to commemorate the sacrifices our forefathers had given to this country.

The motive was noble, but the timing is rather unfortunate. That day will also be remembered as the day our office spaces reeked rather “funky”. Oh! And it’s also the first day in my entire career at The Company I didn’t wear my batik shirt on a Friday. Woohoo!

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