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Report for The 2nd Week of November

A new week has come and I must admit that it’ll be somewhat hard to top the last one. The reasoning behind it is very simple:

  1. Free Lunch at Coca SukiThe sumptuous treat at Coca Suki. During Ramadan, four members of my subdivision celebrated their birthday. But due to the unfortunate (or is it the opposite?) timing, we all agreed to postpone the treat until after Ramadan. On Wednesday (11/08) we had our long-awaited revenge. The meal was delicious (though definitely not abundant by our standard) and the event was memorable. Eventhe elusive Mr. Tugiman was present.
  2. The (partially) good news from the boss about something. This is good news, I assure you. But the time’s just not right to disclose this right now. I’ll keep you posted on this.
  3. CCF was fun! I may finally get the hang of hanging out with my CCF friends. I’m a slow starter in terms of social life, but once the engines gather enough momentum it’s all downhill from there.
  4. A great Saturday evening with my lovely Miss D. I think this one’s self-explainable. We went to (where else?) Pondok Indah to grab a quick meal, see the flick The Prestige (You must see this one!), browsing my office photos, and mostly just walking around hand-in-hand (it’s a bliss, if you ask me). After that, we went to Panglima Polim to try out a street-side gudeg stall.

2 Responses to “Report for The 2nd Week of November”

  1. weits!..film pilihanku (akhirnya!) bagus banget khan hun???..aku gitu lowwww..hehehehe..

  2. @ ceuceu’dince:

    Yah, nggak semua gading retak kan, Mbak ‘Nie? Hehehe. Tapi emang bagus kok. I admit it. Sedikit saja di bawah The Departed-ku. *tetep nggak mau kalah* ;-)

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