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The Irrational Nation (or The Santet Attempt on Bush)

Among all this hubbub about Bush’ visit to Bogor, Indonesia, on November 20th, there’s a more superstitious angle to the story: the santet attempt at him. Santet is a practice akin to voodoo, often performed by dukuns (shamans or druids) to supernaturally harm other people.

On November 11th, self-proclaimed supernaturalist Ki Gendeng Pamungkas asserted his intention to perform a santet on the U.S. President. Apparently, he had the support of the local geniuses and the local superstitious. On November 16th, he did the ritual at the Kujang Monument by slaughtering a goat, a crow, and a snake (someone alert PETA!) and burning incense. He claimed that the ritual will make Bush’ stay unpleasant. A claim dismissed by Gus Dur, the former Indonesian president. Meanwhile, the police said that if the ritual actually harmed Bush, Pamungkas will be held responsible.

In the end, Bush’s visit went on as scheduled. It seems that nothing happened to him. No harm was done. Perhaps the harm was covered up? Perhaps Bush has his own voodoo Shamans? Or did he bring some kind of voodoo jamming device? Now if I can find my magic 8-ball or my ouija board maybe we can squeeze an answer out of them…

2 Responses to “The Irrational Nation (or The Santet Attempt on Bush)”

  1. Bush must had a satellite-voodo-jamming device from NASA :D

  2. @ epxhilon :

    Ultimately. The watercooler rumor at The Office already culminating around “santet is only applicable to Javanese people.”

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