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How “Me” and “She” Came to Be “Us”

After all the nice things she said about me here. here. here. and here, what else can I do but to reciprocate?

My Freshman YearI first met her during orientation week on our freshman year at the university. As I remembered, she stood out from the crowd with her lovely smile and outgoing personality. After the orientation week, we were put into the same class, 01PIT. Being the ethnic minorities (not that it’s wrong or anything), we soon find ourselves gravitate closer together with several others: Angga, Vonny, Renny, Tesha, Galan, Windy, and Toha. The gang did the routine stuff: went out, saw movies, hung around, did group study, etc. During this period, I developed a slight crush for her but I also found out that she was in a serious relationship with someone.My Freshman Year Gang 02

The first year went by so fast, the next thing I knew, we were put in different classes for the second year. The gang still went out together sometimes, but we slowly drifted apart. Particularly because I got the CCNA class scholarship from CISCO and thus was assigned to a special class where other scholarship beneficiaries also went into.

On 2003, I graduated sooner (about 6 months sooner) than she was. I soon got my first job and was busy on it. I quit that job on early 2004 to join The Company. During this period my ultimate means of communication with her was only through IM messages. Something which happened infrequently and rather casual in nature. Through the occasional banter I found out that she had a new beau and she was happy and serious with him. Me, with my silly principle of abstaining from robbing someone of one’s affection, simply sighed to this fact, but my crush for her never really died. After that, she quietly slipped to the back of my mind, due in part to my ever-demanding job.

In the middle of the first semester of 2006, my phone rang. To my surprise, it was her! She just wanted to inform me that she had just visited her friend’s home near my home. This occasion put her back on my mind.

Back then, for several months the idea of enrolling to CCF‘s French class had floated on my head. I remembered that she went into the class several years back and I decided to give her a call to ask a few questions about it. The conversation went smoothly and we even set up a date for us to go see a movie.

During the course of several other movie dates, my crush developed into affection. And after much contemplation, the G-30/S happened. The next thing I know, we’re already two months into this beautiful relationship (a personal best, I must say). And I’m all thankful for it.

Thank you very much for bearing me all this time, Dear. I love you, I really do.

3 Responses to “How “Me” and “She” Came to Be “Us””

  1. Duuuh, romantisnyeeee…

  2. @ epxhilon :

    *ihik* ;-)

  3. duh, perfect story :( kalo aku, selalu berakhir dgn ditolak ato diputus ;p

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