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The New Retiree

Me and My FatherMy father, who was born back in 1949, officially went into retirement on 31st October 2005, at the tender age of 56. But he never attained the full status of retiree because his company contracted him back. The contract was ended on the same date this year.

My father is a very energetic person at work. Sometimes I even consider him a workaholic. He’s very passionate about his job and has all the reason to do so. He loved his job so much. My family often has to endure his stories about his job, all of which he wholeheartedly told us.

In an afterthought, I just realized what his retirement meant to us, his family. To us this means that:

  1. I’m now the breadwinner of the family. Not that my family is fully dependant on me or anything, but from now on what my father will bring home every end of the month won’t be called a salary, it’s a pension. And we all know what a pension is: a small fraction of what someone earned as his last salary.
  2. This will definitely change my family’s spending habit. About two days ago, my mother called from Surabaya, asking me to message back to her credit card bill amount. I opened the billing statement and I noticed that the amount was a tiny bit more than my father’s pension. I don’t think the condition will be the same next month.
  3. Some behavioral changes are expected from my father. We are bracing for the most common symptoms of new retirees: the dreaded post power syndrome. As I returned home from work this evening (today’s his first day as a retiree), he muttered, “Staying at home doing nothing just doesn’t feel right.” Sentences of remorse today, crankiness tomorrow?
  4. My father needs an activity. My father’s great mind has nurtured several ideas about this. He’s still weighing his options right now. But all that verve of his going to waste is definitely not an option. He’s thinking about setting up a payment point at home but let’s not forget that he already has two taxicabs at his disposal should the former cannot be realized.
  5. I need to find a way to get to work every morning. I’m used to going along with my father on his way to work. He drops me near The Office and continues to his. Now, due to his newly attained status and my reluctance to go to work by bus (I hate to be drenched in my own sweat in the morning), I don’t have a clue how am I going to go to work (at least in the long term). Buying a motorbike? Driving the family car?

This last month of 2006 will be a test for my family. Figuring ways we can cope with the current situation, mentally, physically, and financially. I think some adaptations are in order. Wish us luck, guys.

4 Responses to “The New Retiree”

  1. Well, good luck!

    So have you found out how to go to the office now? As I would HATE going to the office drenched :)

  2. @ epxhilon :

    Nope. Not yet. On Monday (12/04) I drove to work. Today (12/03) I joined my father who drove to his office (he has to settle some things). It’s still random at this moment. Perhaps after we’ve established a pattern, only then I can start to really think about my means of transportation. Oh, and thanks for the good luck wish. :)

  3. 1. Can I call myself as a breadwinner too? Since the beginning of 2006, I’ve been giving 7 digits of money each month regularly to pay the car installments. Although it’s not the brand new one, tapi lumayan lah.
    2. Nothing has changed with my family spending habbit, they even live wealthier right now. My mother can buy a lot of things that she have dreamed since years ago cause she borrowed all my saving. Saldo rekening ga pernah mencapai 8 digit hehe… Seneng, walaupun tidak bisa membuat mereka sangat bahagia, setidaknya cukup bahagia, diluar mereka agak bingung melihat saya tdk segera punya pacar hehe….maaf pak, bu, anakmu yang ini lemah dalam hal itu :-(
    3. It’s normal… hargai setiap apa yg dia lakukan dan libatkan dia dalam semua pengambilan keputusan. kayaknya membantu…sangat…
    4. ga bisa kasih komntar. kamu gak minta juga kayaknya hehe…
    5. motor…motor… kalo kamu bisa, tak kasih acungan jempol, ga cuman tangan, kaki juga hehe…

  4. […] I never really got back to conclude my mission on finding a new mean of transportation after my dad retired. After several months of experiments, I’ve come up with several […]

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