Decidedly mundane…

How Do You Tell It’s A Slow News Day at Detikcom

Here in Indonesia, we have a prominent on-line news site, detikcom. Me and my colleagues use it as a substitute for TV. We do have a TV, but it sits right there in our pantry slash musholla (small praying area for moslems) at the back of The Office. So, it’s not exactly easy to constantly take a peek at the news.

But after a while, I can claim that I can tell if it’s a slow news day for detikcom. How, you may ask? Why, by their own content, I say. On such day, it would report some blatantly mundane stories like these:

  • Berkaca Mata Gelap, Maria Eva Terjebak di Lift. Background story: This one’s pertaining to the alleged sex scandal of a member of the DPR, the Indonesian house of representatives. Maria Eva, Yahya Zaini’s (the MP) alleged concubine, held a press conference about the scandal. After which, she entered the elevator and, you’ve guessed it, got trapped.
  • Friendster ‘Alfarini’ Bukan Milik Mbak Rini. Background story: This report is about AA Gym’s (a prominent moslem cleric) new marriage to his second wife. Apparently the intrepid reporter expanded his investigation to the virtual world: Friendster. He searched Friendster for Alfarini, the second wife, and found an entry. I can never understand why he deemed the Friendster entry wortwhile to report, let alone the fact that it doesn’t belong to her.
  • Wakss! Dekilnya Mobil Rusia. Background story: The reporter was embedded to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s (our president) entourage to Russia. Apparently she was amazed by the uncouth state of russian cars during the visit and decided to share us the amazement. Wow! Thank you very much for the all-important insight!

I’m sure there are plenty of slow news days to come at detikcom.

2 Responses to “How Do You Tell It’s A Slow News Day at Detikcom”

  1. Hmmm…. it looks like it’s not just me who having a mundane moment of my life :) . Is it because the economy getting better and everyone starts to get complacent? Probably this is the time to bring up the issue of defending the rights of the poor and the fatherless?

  2. @ epxhilon :

    I don’t know what to say. I’m awashed in a wave of banal news…

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