Decidedly mundane…

Is Yahoo Mocking Me?

Is This Me?I logged on to the Yahoo Mail Beta today, and I was shocked to see the animated geek (who usually does the breakdance routine) now appears shirtless and shadowboxes.

Being the skinny geek and all, I can’t help to ask, “Is Yahoo trying to mock me?”

3 Responses to “Is Yahoo Mocking Me?”

  1. They probably now have to pay you :) . Patent your body shape, quick!!

  2. huahahaha..segitu sensitifnya chayankku iniy..hehehehe..ya tenang aja lah sayang, kamu lebih beruntung (masa siy?), krn kamu punya aku yang SAYANG BANGET ma kamu yang minimalis ituw :D hehehe..luvuhun!

    cepet pulang (dr bali) doung mas..kangen :( :( :( :(

  3. @ Rusdy :

    Hmm. Perhaps I can employ the new Google patent search?

    @ ceuceu’dince :

    I’m “beruntung” indeed, Dear. BTW, sorry for the belated approval of your comments. Luv u! :)

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