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Not Everyday is Sunday in Bali

This is my first day in The Office since returning from Bali on December 13th for an audit of one of The Company’s offices. Nothing much to report on the audit itself (it’s classified, anyway). But I can tell you about my days in the laid-back island of Bali.

Taking A Sip on the Beachfront CafeWe didn’t go around much, due to our short audit period: three workdays. The team flew to Bali on Sunday evening (which turned into Sunday night, thanks to Lion Air’s darned tardiness. 1.5 hours! Thank you very much!). We arrived at the hotel at about 21:40, which left us with about 15 minutes of dinner time at the local KFC. We virtually was ushered off with an abrupt light dimming gesture by the staff.

The next two days, we did our audit. Because of the lack of transportation for the next day, we decided to stay at work late at the second day to finish off our audit. On the third day, we practically spent the day doing nothing. The team leader visited the local handicraft store, Ronald visited the branch office where he did his on the job training, accompanied by Ruston. Agus went shopping at the local handicraft market. I went to beach to have a sip of iced cappucino. Nothing fancy, I guess.

We flew back to Jakarta on December 13th. Even with different airline (Adam Air this time), we still got delayed. A measly 30 minutes, but it’s still a delay nonetheless. Ruston and I took a cab back to my home, where he left his motorbike.

Unfortunately for my loved ones, I didn’t bring anything home. Don’t say I didn’t try, though. I visited the all-time favorite Hard Rock Hotel Merchandise Store but there’s nothing worth to buy. Come on, ultra thin long-sleeved shirt for a quarter of a million? A very short skirt that would show London & Paris and everything in between? In the end, I only managed to bring home some Balinese peanuts and snacks for my belle’s family.

Anyway, do you know what hurt me the most during the audit trip? The fact that every morning we had breakfast surrounded by people wearing beach-wise attire, all the while we wore the drab office-wise attire. And don’t get me started on our huge laptop backpacks. Arrghh. I could feel the funny stares we got from those beach-mongers.

UPDATE: If you like, you can see pictures from my so-so adventure in Bali here.

4 Responses to “Not Everyday is Sunday in Bali”

  1. November 13’th -> December 13’th?

  2. @ epxhilon :

    Whoops. I think I dozed of while I was typing the entry. Point taken, error corrected. Thanks.

  3. cool blog!

    Perhaps next time you do audit in Bali just wear a casual beach-wear outfit. But not when you do audit in Surabaya.

    Love your writing style!

  4. @ Dion:
    Thanks for the compliments, Bro! :)

    Great advice, but I don’t think the local management will go along with the somewhat radical notion. Heheh.

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