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Mes Amis au CCF

CCFHave I told you that I enrolled at a French class at CCF (Centre Culturel Français) at Jalan Wijaya on around last September? Well, I joined because:

  1. I felt that I need a new social group or activity. I felt that my circle of friends didn’t get bigger, in fact it was shrinking.
  2. I want to meet an old friend: French. I learned it during my high-school years from a private teacher near my home. I quitted because I entered university.

The ClassI really enjoy my French class. My classmates are a bunch of really, really nice people.

A few weeks ago, mon amie (that’s “my female friend, for you non-french-speaking people) Mademoiselle Atiek a.k.a. Sri Murniati brought her digital camera to the class. Finally, after a long wait, I can see all the pictures she has taken during one of our classes.

My French class is a very diverse one, demographically speaking. I’ll break it down categorically:

  • By gender. This comes naturally. We have a traditional segmentation: men and women. It has to be noted that men are the minority here.
  • By profession. We have junior high-school students, high-school students, college/university students and, like myself, working professionals.
  • By age. Well, you should’ve guessed from the profession category aforementioned.
  • By race. You name it, we got it. Javanese, Sundanese, Bataknese, Chinese and everything in between. It’s simple to say that we embodies Indonesia itself.
  • By religion/belief. We have Moslems, Christians, and Catholics of many denominations.

Enough of the blabber. Enjoy the full album at Atiek’s Blog.

UPDATE: A correction to the title. It should be “au“, not “à“, as CCF is a “centre” and hence, a nom masculin or a masculine noun.

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