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New Annoyance Contraption Acquired

I bought this Nokia 6275i as a tandem for my GSM one, an O2 XDAII Mini. CDMA here in Indonesia is famous for its low prices. So here I come, after nearly 6 years of GSM-only mobile communication, jumping into the CDMA bandwagon. This is long due, I think. The relationship I’m having with Miss D, I have to admit, has raised my communications cost a tad bit.

I recalled an article that roughly said that a mobile phone inside your trousers pocket emits enough radiation to reduce the bearer’s fertility rate at about 30%. So with two mobile phones inside my trousers pockets, I’m down to just 40% fertility rate, people. Miss D, if you’re reading this, I hope this won’t change your feelings for me. *grin*

Anyway, I always sneer people with more than one mobile phones. Perhaps the sneer I did has cursed me back. Now I have to juggle two of them, and not to mention all the phonebook entries and all the calls (though I won’t be publishing my CDMA number to everyone just yet). It seems that you spoke to soon, my dear son…

UPDATE: As my silver one has a defect on its camera’s video mode, I returned it and got the black one instead. The waiting period if I insist on getting the silver one is just unbearable.

3 Responses to “New Annoyance Contraption Acquired”

  1. I’ve heard from my friend here in Oz that they’re going to phase out CDMA (probably not-so-near future) as the technology is not really compatible with the new one, that is, 3G (GSM = 2G, CDMA = 2.5G, then 3G). Where as 3G can use 2G (GSM) network where 3G is not available, but not the case with 2.5G (CDMA). As my friend is working with the telco company, setting up the 3G network here, so I think he’s pretty reliable source :P . BUT, that’s probably not the case in Indonesia though, so you might want to hold on to your CDMA still.

  2. @ epxhilon:

    “BUT, that’s probably not the case in Indonesia though, so you might want to hold on to your CDMA still.”

    So true. I think CDMA is still catching on here. I wonder why do the telcos here always two steps behind the current technology? (Case in point: ISDN, ADSL, and I bet many others)

  3. […] Snapshots #1 One of several reasons I bought my new cell phone was because I wanted to be more free to take snapshots wherever I bring it with me. Alas, it proved […]

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