Decidedly mundane…

Two Internet-less Days

As several fiber optic lines were damaged by a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan on Tuesday (12/26), Internet connections on this side of the world slowed to a crawl. Including The Company’s Internet connection. We had almost two Internet-less days. Why almost? Well, most of the traffic were re-routed through satellites and there popped the requisite bottleneck. Connections was at a stop-and-go mode.

But productivity surged! Well, at least I think I clocked more worktime than the usual Internet-ful day. *grin* But the day was slow and agonizing. I felt like a drug addict who gets placed in rehab in an abrupt fashion. It was like the days before 1995 (the year I first had an acquintaince with the Internet). So dull, yet so productive.

But today I’ve heard (and experienced) some good news. The Internet connection all across Asia is slowly recovering and the majority of them has been rewired. Woohoo!

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