Decidedly mundane…

Basking in Wireless Glory

Guess where I’m blogging right now? I’m at the corner of Jalan Joko Sutono, beside the Perguruan Tinggi Ilmu Kepolisian at Jakarta Selatan. I’m blogging from my assigned laptop from The Company, on-line with CDMA 2000 1x connection from a CDMA operator provided by my trustworthy CDMA modem. If that ain’t wireless enough, I don’t know what is.

This wireless frontier is quite new for me. I’m only jumping into the (already crowded) bandwagon about 2 months ago. At first I tried to connect via Hotspot connections provided by my ISP through several cafes and restaurants. I found the experience exhilarating and exciting. In fact, I’m kinda addicted to it, thanks to its relatively high speed (compared to my existing dial-up 56K PSTN connection at home – yuck) and competitive pricing. I can now say that I’m now over dial-up PSTN connection. *grin* I will only resort to it as a back-up, thank you.

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