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Beautiful & Delicious Surprise

It was around 11.20am on January 5th, 2007, my 26th birthday. I was wearing my headset to My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade when Agus notified me that there was a courier looking for me to deliver something. I met the guy, accepted the plastic bag, signed the consignment note, and sent him off to the door.

And there it was, sitting pretty on my desk and much to my amazement, a beautiful (and later was proven to be very delicious) Harvest Opera Cake Triple Chocolate Cake. The amazement is not so much because of the cake itself, but because this is the first time in my entire life that someone I love so dearly sent me something this memorable. Thank you very much, Dear. I’m so glad I have you in my life.

My Birthday Cake from My Dearest Miss D, Complete with The Requisite Birthday CardAnd what has become of the cake? Well, later that afternoon, my colleagues sang me the happy birthday song, had me blew the candles off, congratulated me, and we ate it all off. It wasn’t long before my beautiful & delicious surprise vanished before my eyes.

UPDATE: Miss D corrected the name of the cake.

2 Responses to “Beautiful & Delicious Surprise”

  1. Aku seneng deh klo masnya seneng :) :) :) Tapi, kok sampenya Opera ya? Padahal aku pesennya triple Choco low hun..Tapi gpp deh, yang penting sampe, enak dan ludes :) :) :) LUVU!

  2. @ ceuceu’dince :

    Hueheheh. Salah ya? OK ntar ku-update deh. :P Luv u too!

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