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Mission: Bandung

The sister of a friend of my lovely Miss D, Rendro, was getting married on Saturday, January 13th. He invited his colleagues to the wedding and Miss D asked me to accompany her. The rest is history for me.

We went to Bandung in Miss D’s father’s car, as my own was not available. And the fact that I was expected to show up for some audit work in Bandung the next Monday didn’t help either. Anyway, we took the road trip at about 3.30pm on Saturday. The notoriously clogged (on weekends, that is) Cipularang toll-road was surprisingly clear so we were able to reach the hotel (with a rather queer name, Rumah Sarung, house of sarongs) after about 2 hours of driving.

Rendro's sister's wedding party.After taking baths and preparations, we went to Rendro’s sister’s wedding party. It was held at the garden of clubhouse, so the atmosphere was cosy and a bit relaxed. The food was great an aplenty. But that didn’t stop us from going to Rumah Lantera, an eatery at the fringes of Bandung (near the road that lead to Lembang). After a quick sip there, we looked for a karaoke lounge and found NAV, near our hotel. We were tired and decided to book the room for just an hour.

We overslept and ditched the planned breakfast at Rumah Stroberi. We tweaked the plan a little and decided to go there for lunch instead. It was well into lunch time, thanks to Iteng’s love-and-hate affair with a gated shortcut, when we got to Rumah Stroberi. The food was delicious and the place was cozy. You should give it try when in Bandung. After lunch, we went to Warung Lela for bakso (hey, don’t blame us, Bandung is THE place for tummy-tours!). It was raining hard when we got there, so it was hard even to reach the place (But, I got a good dose of vitamin C here. Ahem!). Psst. We ran into Cut Tari there. She’s very pretty!

I'm so happy!After Warung Lela, Arif insisted on visiting the local factory outlets to look for a bag he always wanted. He didn’t get it anyway, and Miss D didn’t get her klappertart either. It wasn’t long before I was dropped at Santika and I must part with the rest of the guys (they went straight to Jakarta afterward).

This Bandung Adventure was much much fun for me. I got to go together with Miss D, got to know her colleagues, and I got much more. Thanks for taking me with you on this trip, Dear!

Hey, you can see the photos of our adventure here.

3 Responses to “Mission: Bandung”

  1. As I remember, Rumah Lentera was in a way to Dago Atas, Sayang. It was Rumah Stroberi which in a way to Lembang.

    Enivey, while you’re chewing that VitC, I was really REALLY enjoying my “appetizer” at Warung Lela. It was REALLY RELLY DELICIOUSO! Hehehe. May we try it again sumtime (sumwhere) huniy *batting eyelashes*. Hehehehe.

    LUVU SOMUCH HUNIY!!! Thx for joining us hun. U’R AMZNG!

    (banyak yang gak bisa dilupa dari acara jalan2 kmaren..mulai dari tampang ele’ pacarku yang baru bangun, sampe sabarnya dia menemani gue yang pusing2 gak jelas dan nyuapin gue yang males makan, termasuk begitu dekatnya kita waktu di WaLe..ahhh..sayang bgt gue ma si ndut ini..jangan sampe deh jauh2 ma si ndut ini..TAK KUASAAAAAA)

  2. […] : Bandung..(sesuai post sebelumnya) Detail bisa diliat disini <klikhir>..Dan beberapa catatan ttg perjalanan bandung ini, ada dibawah ini : 1. Pesta ade’nya Rendro, […]

  3. @ ceuceu’dince :


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