Decidedly mundane…

Splitting Headache

It’s now official. After giving much thought, I have decided not to prolong my usual Monday-Thursday fasting habit.

Yesterday (29/01) was my turning point. I had sahur, of course, but I admit it wasn’t what you’d call a full breakfast. At 10am, the headache started to set in. At 1.30pm, the agony was such that I decided to take a brief nap at a colleague’s empty cubicle. It helped a little, very little. At 4.30pm I went straight home my bus. Then I took another nap after I got home, up until Maghrib break-fast. Even after the meal, the darn headache just wouldn’t cede. I did the maghrib prayer and then just threw myself on my bed after saying goodnight to Miss D. Alhamdulillah, this morning my head is normal again. What a relief!

I was having second thoughts about my fasting weeks before yesterday, but yesterday has given me the push. It just ain’t worth the fasting if I just come about and complain about my headache, right?

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