Decidedly mundane…

Ma Dernière Classe Au CCF

Yesterday (02/10) was my last session for my class at CCF. We took the final examination – which explains why the class was unusually nearly full, 12 attendees! – too. Don’t bother asking about the test, it was horrible! Especially the listening part: aargh!

It’s rather sad for me, as the class have bonded together beautifully for the last 5 months or so we’re together. What’s depressing is the fact that several of its members won’t continue their study at CCF, namely Neisya and Rani. I don’t blame them, though. They studied French at University of Indonesia, so what they learn at CCF is probably just a fraction of what they learn in campus.

Anyway, I brought my digital camera with me, so we took the full opportunity of it. You can see them here.

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