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Vitamin C Overdosage

Can you take too much Vitamin C?Yes, in spite of frequent claims to the contrary. Although vitamin C is water-soluble – any excess is excreted rather than absorbed – too much of it is not a good thing for some people. This is also true of the B vitamins, which are also water-soluble.Excess comsumption of vitamin C may cause:

  • Intestinal irritation, intestinal gas, and painful urination.
  • Skin rashes.
  • Depletion of copper from your body.
  • Increased absorption of iron by your body.
  • Increased risk of formation of oxalate kidney stones.
  • Blood tests to produce inaccurate results (e.g., blood-sugar tests)
  • Symptons of scurvy, following a sudden drop in dosage after consuming excess amounts for a prolonged period (e.g., reduce consumption slowly).

Everything in moderation and in balance makes for a healthy lifestyle. This includes all water-soluble vitamins. All fat-soluble vitamins should be treated with due caution (A, D, E, and K).

Questions answered by Professor RedJohn on Answerbag

Hmm. Yup, I think the symptoms fit me. Thank you, Dear! :)

5 Responses to “Vitamin C Overdosage”

  1. Gendut gendutttttttt..Kamu gak papa khan???..Kamu baik2 saja khan???..Stok vitC ku masih banyak nihhhhh..Kamu masih mau khan???..Hehehehe..(lavyah!)

  2. @ ceuceu’dince :

    Aih! Padahal udah lemes begitu kamu. Huekekekeke.

  3. duh genduttttt..kamu jangan buka kartu ku gt doung ah..aku khan jadi maluuuu..(tapi tetteup, malu2 tapi MAU..hahahaha)

  4. Hmmm, ini be-dua-an tinggal kawinnye deh, jangan lupa ngundang2 yeee :P

  5. @ Rusdy :

    Amiiiin…. :P

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