Decidedly mundane…

Congratulations, Bangkit!

A Fat BangkitYesterday (02/19) morning, before office hours, I saw Bangkit – one of colleagues – entered Mr. Prihartoyo’s – my boss – office. I suspected nothing and went on with my business: finishing up my half-eaten breakfast. After that, I went to the pantry to get a glass of water. When I went back to my cubicle, I heard a commotion – a surprising one, too – among my colleagues: Bangkit is getting married this Thursday (02/22)! Oh my!

Bangkit once told me that he would marry his fiancée in November. Then his plan changed to July. Now, I’ve heard accelerated marriages before, but this is just plain unexpected, if not startling. See, he just came back from his fiancée’s hometown of Cilacap the previous day, and came back to Jakarta to pronounce his wedding like this. Whoa!

I assure you, there’s no wrongdoing on Bangkit’s part – or his fiancée’s at that – behind all of this. Please believe me, there’s a justified, morally-correct reason to this, but I’m not going to betray Bangkit’s confidence in myself by announcing it in front of the world to see.

Anyway, congratulations for your upcoming wedding, Pal. May love & happiness always be with the both of you throughout your everlasting marriage. Kudos!

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