Decidedly mundane…

Definitely Maybe

I went to a meeting today. Halfway into it, I giggled because of the way the meeting was awashed with the word “maybe”. Virtually every single person who spoke at the meeting peppered the discussion with that word.

So what’s behind this? The inability of us, Indonesians, to come forward with our thoughts in a positive, assertive way? Our fear of being ridiculed for our own statements? Our hiding in the gray areas for our own safety?

2 Responses to “Definitely Maybe”

  1. Hmm… sounds like no one wants to be accountable :P

    PS: nice new theme! Certainly a BIG change from all white to all black!!

  2. @ Rusdy :

    Yup. Unaccountability is king in this country. As for me, I spoke nothing in the meeting, up until the point where I asked the facilitator, “Excuse me, I haven’t got my snack box yet.” Mwahahaha.

    Don’t get me wrong, I speak in meetings. Just not the aforementioned kind of meetings, where they talk about concepts and other vague stuff. I yearn for the more technical ones, where I can speak out loud about stuff I positively understand.

    On the subject of the new theme: thanks. I think the theme change was long due. The old one is rather ’90-ish. :P

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