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I’m in Love With My Family

Due to my fiery new year’s eve incident, the canopy in our frontyard was ruined. When my mother was back from Surabaya a month later, she had it repaired. Apparently, the previous installation of the canopy wasn’t exactly waterproof, water had leaked underneath the canopy, dripping water on top of the table and the two chairs underneath. My mother, being the perfectionist, had arranged for a plastic mat be laid beneath the canopy fabric before it was attached to the metal frame.

You would have thought that all was settled. Lo and behold, my mother spotted that water was still dripping through the crevices where the metal frame is screwed to the wall. She asked my father if he could do something about it. My father thought that the best solution was to fill the crevices with silicone sealant. He asked Mr. Yanto, my family’s handyman, to buy him a tube of the sealant. He came back with a tube of black-colored silicone sealant. Unsatisfied with the Mr. Yanto’s color preference, he went to ACE Hardware to buy one himself. He went back home with a big tube and quickly went into work applying it to the canopy. Guess what, the one he bought was also black-colored. Mwahahahahaha! Pardon my laughing about this, but it’s just so typical of my father to do so. Even my mother got teary-eyed from laughing when she told me about this.

Anyway, some of the silicone dripped onto the metal frame, thanks to my father’s rather sloppy application. So, my mother asked him to paint the drips with some left over oil paints. She specifically asked him to paint only the metal frame, but my father exuberantly painted the whole wall under the canopy with the oil paint. The problem is, the oil paint was the different color with the rest of the wall. Worse, he painted it around the table and two chairs on each sides of the table, so we ended with a giant “T” on the wall. Hahahaha.

Three days after that, my mother decided to take matters into her own hands (finally!), and worked hand-in-hand with Mbak Tari, our family’s housemaid. They covered the giant “T” with the real wall paint. There goes my father’s work of art. Hahahahaha.

I really love my family. I really do. I don’t want to lose any of them just now. My father, my mother, my sister, even Mbak Tari. I’m just not ready to part with any of them…

3 Responses to “I’m in Love With My Family”

  1. im in luv with ur fams also hun!..

    (duh…bapak tuh yaaa..hahahahaha..kreatif sekaleeee..hehehehe..(wups! sowwy om :D two thumbs foryah!))

  2. looks like you have to burn something in your house to get things done :P

  3. @ ceuceu’dince :

    Makanya, doain Bapak ya, Sayang. Supaya jatuh cintamu bisa lebih lama. :)

    @ Rusdy:

    ‘Afraid so. Suddenly the image of the Neanderthals fearing for their lives when they first encounter fire pops into my head. *grin*

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