Decidedly mundane…

She’s on Vacation

Today, Miss D will go to Bali to have her vacation with her friend from work, Anita. With all those hurricanes and plane accidents, I hope she’s gonna be okay throughout the vacation. Anyway, it’ll be awfully quiet these three days. *sniff*

Take care, Hun. Have a safe & fun trip, ‘kay? I promise I won’t be naughty while you’re away. :)

UPDATE: She’s back from the vacation on Saturday night (03/17). She came to visit my father at the hospital on Sunday (03/18), and we went out to the movies on Monday (03/19). Woohoo!!

7 Responses to “She’s on Vacation”

  1. Some minor technical comment 8) : Can’t have hurricanes in the equator due to absence of ‘coriolis effect’.


    [How to put links with different text in this comment box ?]

    Have you ever wonder what is the difference between cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons? :P

  2. @ Rusdy :

    I blame the BMG (Indonesian Meteorological & Geophysics Agency). Some news outlets were reporting the same information here and here.
    Thanks for the info, though! :)

    For different texts, you can try the tags <code>, <cite> or just the old-fashioned <font>.

    Lastly, yes, I’ve wondered about it for several times. Usually I think it’s just one of those cases of I say po-tah-to, you say po-tay-to. :)

  3. I couldn’t open the link (it crashed my IE @ work :P ), but my guess is some part of southern Indonesia only got the ‘weak’ wind gust . I still remember from last year when I was working in Tom Price area when the cyclone came in (the centre was 400-500km away), but the wind gust reached more than 100kmh (and it was ‘only’ category 3 cyclone). Unfortunately cyclone George this year reached category 4 and killed some people :( .

    Jargon buster on the category:

    Regarding the po-tah-to thing, yeah, you’re pretty much more or less correct :) . (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060810090459AAPIyv0)

    Anyway, you must be missing your ‘miss D’ by now :P , when she’ll be back?

  4. @ Rusdy :

    Thanks for the info. Quite a research you have there. Another fruitful week-end, I assume? :)

    Anyway, Miss D returned from Bali Saturday (03/17) night. Her flight was delayed about 4 hours (darned airlines!). It was a safe flight, though.

  5. Actually more like a ‘fruitful’ Monday :P

  6. huniyyyy, im back..ma’aciy ya udah inget terus sama aku..ma’aciy juga udah doain aku dan yang terutama, ma’aciy udah jadi anak baik :D hehehe..lavyah!

  7. @ ceuceu’dince :

    Yes, Dear. The pleasure is all mine. Glad you came back a-okay. Oh! All the gifts too! Thanks a million! :-*

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