Decidedly mundane…

My Parents’ 27th Anniversary

27 years ago today, my parents got married in my grandparent’s home in Surabaya. The wedding was modest. My mother still hangs a picture of the wedding in my parents’ bedroom. Frankly, I think they look like one of those couples from the TV show Nikah Gratis, where the host picks a couple from a rural area and weds them for free. *grin*

Well, this year’s anniversary is kinda morose with my father’s health condition and all. He’ll be hospitalized today and will undergo a minor surgery tomorrow. I saw my mother shed a tear when she kissed my father’s cheek this morning.

I pray to God Almighty that all will be allright. God willing, my parents will celebrate their anniversary for more years to come. Amen.

3 Responses to “My Parents’ 27th Anniversary”

  1. […] ternyata ibu bapak temen yang suka berABG ria ini juga nikah dalam bulan yang sama, cuma beda 10 tahun . semoga operasi bapakmu diberikan kemudahan dan lancar-lancar saja Ga. […]

  2. Hope your dad will be fine. Keep it posted!

  3. @ Rusdy :

    Will do! Thanks for the well wishes.

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