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Road Trip

Yesterday (03/24), Miss D and I went to Bandung to attend one of my cousins’ wedding there. At first, I was about to go there alone because I didn’t dare to ask Miss D’s father’s permission to take his daughter out so late. You see, the wedding reception was scheduled at 7.00 pm, so I predicted that we’d come back to Jakarta at around midnight. That’s way, way over her curfew hours. But after giving it second thought, I decided to ask his permission anyway, and succeeded on getting it. “It’s OK. Just be careful, all right?” he said to me the other night over the phone.

After I picked her up at work at around 1.00 pm, we went back to Miss D’s home for lunch and to get her things. It was 2.35 pm when we said goodbyes to her mother who was alone at that moment. Oh, Miss D also called her father before we started our journey, to which he told her, “The most important thing is: BE RESPONSIBLE!” Sir, yes, Sir!! *grin*

The toll road was quite crowded up to Cikampek. After that, it was relatively free, but I’ve seen better days than that driving on Cipularang toll road. I’ve clocked an hour and forty-five minutes before, but yesterday it was a disappointing two and a half hours.

Entering Bandung from Buah Batu exit, we went to my cousin’s home at Ranca Goong, near Bandung Supermal. Unfortunately, they had all left. I left a document which my mother had asked my to give to my aunt to the housemaid, and asked if we could change our clothes there. We did and we also did the Ashr prayer there too.

Next destination was Hotel Savoy Homann, where my other uncle and aunt stayed. I was to pick them up and get some documents which my sister sent. After meeting them at the lobby – they were surprised to see Miss D – we quickly headed to the wedding ceremony.

The wedding was at SESKOAD, at Jalan Gatot Subroto. The building was small, and very crowded. The occasion was pleasant nonetheless. I found it rather amusing to find those from my cousin’s husband’s side, dressed up in Javanese traditional costume, but talked to each other using Sundanese language. Perhaps, that was a glimpse of the future?*wink-wink* Anyway, I met my aunts and my cousins there. I explained them about my father’s condition and about his plan to undergo surgery in Japan. Somehow, most of them are more curious about Miss D, inquiring about her and about when will we get married, etc. etc. Usual stuff beget usual response: Insya Allah, soon enough.

Just like what was agreed between my somewhat agoraphobic uncle and myself to excuse ourself early, we started to bid our farewell around 8.15 pm. I promised Miss D’s father that I’d be return her home before midnight. So, staying there until the end of the ceremony was definitely not an option.

After dropping my uncle and aunt off back at the hotel, Miss D and I commenced our journey home. We stopped at a donut store at Jalan Naripan to buy some – what else – donuts and changed our clothes. After asking for some directions, we finally found the Buah Batu toll entrance. From there, we went straight to Jakarta. It was 11.45 pm when we arrived at Miss D’s home. I went back home and threw myself on my bed soon afterward.

All I can say is the trip was great, fun, and very very very memorable. Thank you, Dearest! I really enjoyed your company. Luv ya!

3 Responses to “Road Trip”

  1. “…and about his plan to undergo surgery in Japan…”

    So it is a definite go? Hope that will go well and he doesn’t need to go more that ‘super-pain’ process again!

    “…when will we get married, etc. etc. Usual stuff beget usual response: Insya Allah, soon enough…”

    “‘Soon enough’ IS a relative word, give us the date, give us the date!”, shout the audience

  2. Thanks for asking me to company you hun..ILUVEU..

    Of course it was memorable..Remason gitu lowwwww..Hahahahahaha..(gendut..gendut..”cangi” kamu ya..hahahaha)

    Despite of the Remason thing, I must admit that u’re GREATTTTT! Seneng deh punya kamu. U’re da best!!!!

  3. @ Rusdy :

    Yup. I just got wind that it’s all been green-lighted. More on this on a separate post. Thanks for your well-wishes.

    As for the audience who shouted, he got ushered off the premises by the security personnels after quite some bruising. :P

    @ ceuceu’dince :

    Arrrrghh!!! Not that one, noooo! I really wish for a memory eraser device right now. *sniff*

    But anyway, you’re not bad yourself, Hunny. Your the second best! After myself, of course. :P

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