Decidedly mundane…

Our First Semester

Tempus fugit. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Today will mark our, Miss D and myself, first semester together. If this was a journey, it has been quite a smooth ride so far. The resident pessimist in me would say that this is the calm before the storm, but not today. I choose my optimistic side to win this time: this will be a glimpse of the future.

Thank you very much for bearing me all this time, Dear. Thanks for standing beside me when I really need it the most. Luv u!

4 Responses to “Our First Semester”

  1. Crowd from the back were whispering, “G i v e u s t h e d a t e …”. Then they ran away as the bouncer came in :P

  2. @ Rusdy :

    My publicist advised me against disclosing the exact date. :P :P

  3. Wah, udah ulang bulan lagi nih ya?..Waaaaaa..Senangnyaaaa..Hehehehe..Gak berasa ya mas yah?!..Canggih juga ya kita..Hehehe..

    Aku seneng deh bisa sama kamu terus..Abis kamu OKS BANG-GETZ sehhhh..Hehehe..Ayang2 ama aku terus ya sayang ya..Karna aku ayang2 banggetz sama kamyu!..Sungguh deeeeee..

    PS: Jangan marah2in aku lagi ya sayang ya..Aku khan jadi sedih..(LHO! Kebalik ya?! Hahaha..Ampun sayang :D Ampun :D Gak lagi lagi deh..Suwer!..Janji! Khan aku ayang2 sama kamyu :D Hehehe)

    U’R DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @ ceuceu’dince :

    And you’re the second best, Dear. You come right after me, of course. :P Luv u!

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