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All Good to Go

Eveything is finally set for my parent’s plan to go to Japan. All of the hurdles are overcome – or at least we think so. The chess pieces have been laid out, the plan has been laid out, and the strategy has been pored over and over. The battle plan is now entering its point of no return.

My parents will leave for Tokyo on the nation’s flag bearer airline‘s GA 880 flight tomorrow night at 23.45 (UTC+7). The airline’s flight safety rating of 2 doesn’t bother my father at all – I think he find safety more in the ticket price itself *grin*. The flight will take approximately 6 hours. My father has arranged for a friend of his brother – my uncle, who was suffering from the same ailment as my father – to pick them up at the airport.

Some of the logistical aspects of the battle have changed over the course of these few days. Instead of staying at my uncle’s friend’s apartment, now they have decided to rent a small apartment. Small by any account doesn’t mean cheap, apparently – my friend Arifin said that the quarter million JPY monthly rent is standard for the central Tokyo area. Let’s just hope that they won’t stay there for long. *pennypincher mode on*

Anyway, today my family really got busy. First, we go to the supermarket to get some things for the trip. My mother meticulously listed all the things that need to be brought to Japan.

After that, we celebrate my parents’ anniversary at a buffet restaurant. It was very memorable as this was Miss D’s first encounter with my entire immediate family – my sister is here to see my parents off. Anyway, the food was delicious and the lunch was pleasant. We all joked around, had small talks, and I gave my mother a gift I bought her earlier. We dropped Miss D of at a hair salon near her home. She had to prepare herself for Angga and Fenny’s wedding that night. So sorry I couldn’t be there, Ngga, Fen. :(

Meeting some of my extended family and my father’s friends was next. Several relatives came to our house. A friend and former boss of my father also came to the house. All wished my father well. Oh, a colleague of mine also came to the house while we’re away. Thank you all very much.

A bit later, my sister and I went out to get some documents photocopied. I also bought some electrical plug adapter and a voltage raiser – Japan’s 110V current will wreak havoc on our 220V appliances – at a hardware store.

As the night falls, everything is quietly back to normal. My mother ran another check on me about my chores. Then we all went to sleep.

Tomorrow’s a big day. Let’s just hope that everything falls in its place according to our plan. Insha Allah.

5 Responses to “All Good to Go”

  1. Salam buat orang tua lo yah Ga. Gue doakan supaya semuanya lancar. Jadi bisa berkumpul lagi di Jakarta dalam keadaan sehat wal afiat.

  2. @ Wasir :

    Amiin. Thx ya atas doanya. :)

  3. JPY.25-million???? WOW! Is that covered by the insurance too?? Or you have to save up for that?? Ouch!! But, I’m pretty sure it’s all worth it at the end! Good luck for the ‘battle’!

  4. Mudah2an semua bisa baik, lancar, sehat dan selamat ya sayang ya..Aku sayang kamu and ur great family.. (ditinggal sendiri di JKT, hrs jadi anak baik ya sayang ya..jgn mau aku “racunin” hehehe)

  5. @ Rusdy :

    Nope. No insurance. My father’s former employer’s healthcare plan doesn’t cover overseas medical cost, too. So the burden have to be bore by the family savings. Ouch indeed. *grin*

    Had the financial circumstances were different (ie. no savings to bear the cost) we’d do it anyway. We cared too much about our Pop to relegate him to the painful process of TACE again. Thanks for the support!

    @ ceuceu’dince :

    Amin, Mbem. Makasih ya. Luv u too. (Racun apapun yang kamu punya, aku punya penawarnya kok. Hehehe.)

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