Decidedly mundane…

Thanks a Gazillion

Giving credit where credit is due is a virtue, or at least that’s what I think. During these rather somber two-odd months so many people has helped – or supported, or wished well, at the very least – my family and myself.

So, here they are, in no particular order:

  • The Siswamartanas. You are angels, all. Showing up from various – sometimes distant, even – locations just to give support, both emotionally and financially. Bude Uji & family, Pakde Mo & family (who gave us somewhat an example & paved the way for us through Pakde’s same ailment) , Bude Dunuk & family (thanks for coming all the way from Klaten), Bude Mimi & family, Pak Dharjo & family, Bulik Konyik & family, Pak Geteng & family (you guys always showed up for support), Bulik Gutik & family (coming from Sukoharjo), Bulik Wawe & family (for the medical advices & showing up from Cirebon).
  • The Surabayans. To my mother’s side of the family, you are by no means have been lesser boon to us. Emotional & financial support, you have given us (why am I talking like Yoda, here). Bude Ayuk & family, Bude Socheh & family, Bude Lika & family, Bude Tika & family, Pakde Edi & family, Bulik Nenny & family.
  • Miss D & family. Ma jolie pétit-amie, thanks for being there, giving me consolations and support. You’ve been a boon to me, Hunny! Please send my thanks & regards for your parents & sis too.
  • My friends & colleagues. You’re all a godsend, too. Wendy (for the information about his bank in Tokyo); Hafiah (also for information about her bank in Tokyo); Ninna & family, Novita, & Lexa (who showed up at the hospital and wished my father well); Adam, Dhika, Natsir & Rusdy (for the remote support); Angga & Fenny (who bothered to gave us support, event though they got their own wedding to take care of); Tesha (for the forex transaction that never took place *grin*); Arifin (who’s willing to help my parents with the language barrier in Tokyo); Doni (who gave a basketload of fruits by way of taxi delivery, personally); all others whom I can’t mention here (blame my flailing memory), who, at the very least, paid attention to my father’s plight.

With my father’s battle far from over, I’m willing to bet good fortune that this list will only grow for the next few months. Thank you all, from the bottom of my family’s and my own heart. I will remain indebted to you all.

2 Responses to “Thanks a Gazillion”

  1. hayah, formal banget ga ;)
    ane yakin ente bakalan ngelakuin hal yang sama jika Allah menghendaki kita bertukar posisi, begitu bukan?

  2. @ Dhika :

    Lhoooo. Tentu saja dong. Cuma ya itu tadi, I’m giving credit where credit is due. Hehehe. Makasih lagi ya. :)

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