Decidedly mundane…

We Have Lift-off!

Last night the airport became a family gathering spot for the Siswamartanas. Nearly all of my father’s 9 sisters & brothers sent some of their family members to see my parents off. We were like the troupée of some hajj pilgrim with so many people escorting my parents. *grin*

My immediate family and my father’s oldest sister arrived at the airport at around 7.30 pm. We immediately met some member of the troupée and the others followed suit before long. We talked and joked around as usual. My father said goodbyes on the phone to some of the family members who couldn’t come. Oh! Miss D also said goodbye to my parents on the phone. She said to me later that night that she almost cried when my father talked to her. Awww… so sweet. Speaking of shedding tears, my father – rather a melancholist himself – also shedded some tears during the goodbyes.

Anyway, my parents finally entered the gates on 9.45 pm. My sister and I said our final goodbyes with kisses on our parents cheek. Best of all wishes to you both, Mom & Pop!

UPDATE: At 7.45 am this morning, my father called from Narita airport. They have arrived in Japan, safe & sound. Tune in for other news from the frontlines, folks!

2 Responses to “We Have Lift-off!”

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