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News from the Frontlines #2

Tue, 04/03, 6.30 pm. Pop called again to tell me several things:

  • Confirming that he would be admitted to the University of Tokyo Hospital this morning (04/04).
  • At the same time, Mom will move to our own rented apartment (at that moment, they were staying at my uncle’s colleague’s apartment).
  • Mom had gotten her own cell phone number but asked me to consider the cell phone use restriction in the hospital & public transport if I were to call  her.
  • My uncle would fly back to Jakarta tomorrow (04/05).
  • Pop was scheduled to be operated at some time around the end of April, after about three weeks of observation period staying at the hospital.

2 Responses to “News from the Frontlines #2”

  1. “after about three weeks of observation period staying at the hospital”

    Ouch! I didn’t know it will take that long.

    PS: So you have to take care yourself when your parents away then (cookin’? house chores?) :P

  2. @ Rusdy :

    That makes both of us. What bothers me is the question of what will my mom do while waiting there. Her English is rather unreliable and Japanese is absolutely out of the question.

    Nope, the food preparation business and house chores are delegated to the house maid. Lucky me.

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