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News from the Frontlines #3

Wed, 04/04, 1.30 pm. I called Mom’s cell phone and obtained these information:

  • University of TokyoMy father was admitted to the hospital, University of Tokyo Hospital, this morning. My parents had talked with the lead doctor of the team which will operate on my father. The doctor approximated the operation to be done around the end of April. None of the medical reports nor test results from Jakarta were admitted, my father had to underwent the entire tests and CT-scans all over again.
  • The hospital is very modern and its staff, paramedics and doctors are very helpful and professional.
  • My mother is only allowed to wait at the hospital from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm every day.
  • She had moved to the new apartment, Weekly Mansion Tokyo Akasaka Weekly Mansion Higashi-Ueno, and was setting up the place. It’s closer to the hospital than my uncle’s colleague’s, but it’s still a 600 m walk and a 15 mins bus ride away. The 10-storey apartment is small but cozy. The apartment is a furnished one, so all the lugging of various kitchen utensils from Jakarta is in vain. *grin* Have I told you that my parents brought more than what is allowed on board on the flight to Japan? They were supposed to carry a total of 60 kgs, but instead they carried about 7 kgs more than that.
  • My cousin who accompanied her father – my uncle –, had showed my mom the way around (the market, food stalls, etc.). She had bought a kilogram of the standard quality rice for JPY 375, a whopping six times its price in Jakarta.
  • The weather is still cold although it’s already into spring. The temperature is around 15° centigrade.
  • She had contacted and talked over the phone with Arifin, but haven’t met him yet.

She also asked about me and the chores she had given me before her departure. “All are okay, Mom.” I replied.

UPDATE: Arifin corrected the name of the apartment. Thanks, Pin! Arifin also had met my mother there too.

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