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News from the Frontlines #4

The theater of war is so dynamic, I have to do several posts a day just to keep up. Below is the latest tidings from the war zone.

Wed, 04/04, 6.40 pm. Mbak Evi, my cousin who’s in Japan accompanying my uncle, called me to inform a happy news. She said that due to my father’s prime conditions, the team of doctors has adjusted the operation date from the end of April to this next Monday (04/09). The results of the tests the day before came back positive. Pop’s body is ship shape and ready for the ultimate battle.

Lots and lots of prayers are in order. God almighty, please give your permission that all will be well.

UPDATE: Arifin has said to me that he’s willing to accompany my mother during the operation. Except for a brief moment when he must go to his lab. Thanks a gazillion, Pin!

2 Responses to “News from the Frontlines #4”

  1. Phew! That’s a good news! :)

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