Decidedly mundane…

Early Riser

Ever since my parents went to Japan and my sister’s back in Surabaya, my morning schedule have been majorly retooled. I usually wake up at 5.00 am, do my Subuh sholat, take a bath and get dressed up for work. At 5.45 am, my mother drives me to an intersection where I get on the minibus – a.k.a. Mikrolet – to work.

Now it’s a bit different. I still wake up at 5.00 am, but do a concised version of the preparations. I now leave home at 5.30 am, walked to the gates of my housing complex – it takes another 12 minutes or so –, and take an additional minibus ride to the aforementioned intersection. This will need a bit of adaptation. I find myself yawning a lot more than usual at around 2.00 pm. *grin*

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