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Pakde Mo’s Back

Last night (04/05), I went to the airport to see Pakde Mo’s arrival from Japan. He’s my uncle – my father’s second oldest brother – who had the same plight as my father: liver cancer.

His flight got fast forwarded. He and his family – his wife and daughter – were scheduled to land not until 8.30 pm, but when I arrived at the airport at 8.00 pm, there they were, standing in front of the terminal. That’s why our meet and greet got excessively concised. I congratulated him on his successful surgery and thanked him over and over again for the help he and his family had given to my father & mother.

His sons in law came with their car just as I said my thanks to my aunt and cousin. They quickly whisked off my uncle after saying hellos to me. Then off they went to my uncle’s residence in Bogor.

I promised him to come to Bogor this Sunday (04/08). He said that he has a lot to tell me. I’m anxious about it. Thank you very much, Pakde!

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  1. […] Pakde Mo’s Back in Japan On September 18th, my uncle – my father’s second oldest brother – traveled back to Japan. He will undergo another surgery for his liver cancer. This will be his second surgery, following the previous one last March. […]

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