Decidedly mundane…

Random Snapshots #2

Need Money Fast? Call Dicky? This was seen on a Mikrolet I went to work on. The pamphlet on the Mikrolet’s door said “At Alfa Group; Only your ID is required; We provide loans for furniture and electronics; give us a call: Dicky; Cell phone no. 0815 74060 XXX; Please save the number on your cell phone?; Please don’t take this pamphlet off?” Well, you’re not that strong-willed are you, Dicky? Having self-esteem problems lately?
You don’t see this very often at a place that’s supposed to be an international airport. I took this from Sukarno-Hatta when I saw my parents off when they went to Japan the other day. Hmm. Do I see anything that can be disturbed? Oh! I see an old man dozing off at a bench! Can I disturb him? Wait! I see a kid in front of the counter licking his lollipop. Can I disturb him too? Pretty please? Hmm. Do I see anything that can be disturbed?
The Phone That Worked too Hard 01 This phone belongs to a colleague of mine who can’t get tear himself away from it. This guy is practically glued his ears to it all day, save the time where he eats or vanishes from The Office altogether. You can see the fatigue of the phone from the suffering of its cord there. Quite a jumble, don’t you think so?
The Phone That Worked too Hard 02 This is the same phone, only this time I tried to pick its handset up. Alas, it only went up about 20 cm. It made me wonder, how can it be used comfortably this way? How can the guy talk into a strangled device like this for hours on end without having a sore neck? I really have to give kudos for the endurance.

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